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Charity and donation:

Pet Dwelling is owned by a group of animal lovers. Even though Pet Dwelling isn't a nonprofit organization, our platform is 100% free to use, and the purchase of QR code ID tags is optional. Due to the significant increase in operation costs, production cost and web service cost, we are hoping many of the animal lovers are willing to purchase our tags as donations to some organizations and help us continue to service our members.

Option 1: Purchase PD tags for donation to a Non-profit organization, and we will match the quantities of the tag that were purchased.

Option 2 (for Non-profit organization): Purchase PD tags and we will add 50% of the tags to the order or donate to a non-profit organization of you choice or local animal shelters.

Option 3: Purchase any amount of tags and Pet Dwelling will send out to retired veterans or people with disabilities.

For details, please contact